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The smart way to fill your tech talent gap, save thousands on recruitment fees, and make your project a success.


How does it work?

Tell us about your needs

It all starts with mutual understanding. Over a phone call, or a coffee if you're in Manhattan, Zack'll run through the details we need from you. What's the nature of your project? What's the deadline? We speak both business and technical language.

We find you a great match

In finding great talent, it 'takes one to know one'. Zack has 20+ years of experience in tech. With his background, he can match your project needs with a developer with the right technical abilities. On the rare occasion that he can't find anyone in our immediate community, he'll search beyond Code For Cash.

Learn about the developers in our community
Learn about our process for searching beyond our immediate network

Zack Burt manages your project

Zack doesn't just matchmake. He'll be on call to make sure your projects are completed successfully. He checks in twice each day, ensuring communication is clear, and holds contractors to extremely high standards. Because you pay Code FOr Cash a fixed fee, he'll make sure your developer is billing you fairly and delivering quality work to your deadlines.

Culture fit is important.

Zack always makes sure you get candidates that are not only a great fit on paper, but a culture fit as well. Our algorithms and search strategies always ensure you have candidates that are perfect for your needs.

Brian Dolan
WorkReduce CEO

Working with [Code For Cash hire] Alex has allowed us to expand our capabilities and win new business

Alex Corneglio
EnergyX CTO

[Code For Cash hire] Roger is excellent and he's located in Canada, too, so we get tax credits for hiring him.

Tory Lenzo

[Code For Cash hire] Ali moves my business initiatives forward, getting things done through leadership and execution.

Why Code For Cash?


Forget 5-figure recruitment fees – 15% of a first year salary can easily cost $12,000, which is more overall and suboptimal for cashflow and burn rate. For $50 a month, Zack will find you a developer who meets your needs, monitor your project and keep things running smoothly. No added fees. No stress.


Don't worry about communication, finding the right contractor, or replacing talent in a hurry. Zack is here to help. Pick up the phone any time and call: 1 (917) 754-7298.


Don't have the required skill sets in-house? Need to win a specific project immediately? Zack will systematically find you the match to build what you need – when you need it.

You pay just $50 per month
Receive a refund any time during the first month unless you're pleased.